Fulbourn United Reformed Church

Working together in Fulbourn

Fulbourn U.R.C.  

St. Vigor’s values the close contact with Fulbourn United Reformed Church.

Currently we undertake the following activities together:

Run ecumenical lent groups each year in the daytime (U.R.C.) and evening (St Vigor’s and Wilbrahams)
Have joint services several times a year (at St Vigor’s and at the U.R.C.)
Jointly lead the Songs of Praise at the Fulbourn Feast
Work together on a joint Christmas card, which is sent to every house in Fulbourn and the Wilbrahams
Share church services so that the children at the local Primary School feel at home in both churches


Inside Fulbourn U.R.C.


Their minister is Rev. Nigel Uden.

He can be contacted at his office
on: 01223 514389 or
on: 01223 314586
Rev. Nigel Uden

For further information, visit the Fulbourn URC website.