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Infant Baptism


Maybe you would like your child / children to be baptised. If so, great! If you want to raise your children in the Christian faith and feel comfortable making the baptismal promises on their behalf, then we would love to prepare you and your family for this big step. Usually, the rector will come and visit you in your home, explain to you the options and what it means to raise your child as a Christian.

If you wish to undertake informal exploration, come and have a chat with the Rector at her vestry hours in Twelve (10.30-12 noon every Saturday) in Twelve. Or talk to your Christian friends or to Christians you know and trust. Go to church - with a friend perhaps - and come along to one of our main services. We often serve tea and coffee afterwards and you’d be very welcome. You will find details of our services in each church porch and on this website. This is a chance to meet other members of the congregation and to introduce yourself informally to the clergy.

There is no shortage of books to read about the Christian faith and the Church. We sell some of these at our church centre, 'Twelve', at 15, High Street, Fulbourn. Do ask if there is something particular you would like to read about. Or you can order books on the Internet.

The Christening Service
Our baptisms / christenings take place on Sundays. Do let us know as soon as possible that you would like to organise a baptism as it can take a few months to plan. We can let you know the Sundays in the year when there are spaces for baptism. In the actual baptism service you will find the following core elements:

  • An explanation of the meaning of baptism.
  • The expression of a desire to be baptised, made either by the candidates or by the parents and/or Godparents on their behalf.
  • The renunciation of the devil and all that is evil and a declaration of turning to Christ, made either by the candidates for baptism or, in the case of infants, by someone speaking on their behalf. In the Book of Common Prayer it is the Godparents who do this, and in Common Worship it is the parents and Godparents
  • The making of the sign of the cross on the candidates for baptism to signify that henceforth they belong to Christ and must be prepared to live as His followers.
  • A prayer asking God to use the water of baptism to cleanse the candidates from sin and give them new life as part of His people. A declaration of Christian faith based on the ancient statement of Christian belief called the ‘Apostles’ Creed’, made either by the candidates or by the parents and/or Godparents.
  • Baptism with water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • A prayer that those baptised may grow in holiness and may come eventually to share in the life of God’s eternal kingdom.
  • A declaration of what it means to live as a baptised follower of Jesus Christ or, in the case of infants, a declaration of the responsibility of parents and Godparents to bring them up to follow Christ.

You will need to find Godparents for your child who have been baptised themselves.  They need to be people who will pray for your child and set them a good example of Christian living.

It is also possible to nominate sponsors. These are people who will help set your child a good example, but they do not need to be baptised.

During the service it is our practice to give parents and godparents a card to help them remember their child/godchild’s baptism.

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