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Removal of Kerbstones from Graves at St. Vigor's

St Vigor’s PCC : Public Notice

The PCC of St Vigor’s wish to take up the kerbstones from 73 graves in the Churchyard, whilst leaving the accompanying Headstones intact and in place.  All such kerbstones with inscriptions would be permanently stored in the Churchyard. The great majority of these graves are at least 75 years old, none appears to be visited, all look uncared for.  In many cases the inscriptions are hardly legible.

The PCC wish to take up these kerbstones because:

  • They are unattractive, many are covered in ivy, they give a general atmosphere of decay and neglect.
  • They are a trip hazard, and make maintenance difficult.
  • By removing them, we can make the Churchyard a pleasanter place to visit, we can increase the area for wildflowers - which so many people enjoy.

Recent events have demonstrated the value of the Churchyard as an oasis of calm and natural beauty, and the PCC wish to enhance this.

However they recognise that individuals may object to any change to the graves of their ancestors. Therefore they are advertising this proposal widely and for 6 weeks.

If you would like see the database of names, inscriptions, and locations, please contact the Churchwardens, or click here for a list of names and abbreviated inscriptions.  The Churchwardens can then guide you to see any particular grave on the list that you might be interested in.

Sally Hames
PCC Secretary

July 17 2020

Please see also the accompanying official Ely Diocese Public Notice