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Lock-down Tapestry

Photo courtesy of Chris Fell ©

A community project for all ages
led by the churches of Fulbourn and the Wilbrahams  

The resulting tapestry is now available for all to see.

For hundreds of years people have made art about the big events of their lives. Large fabric hangings, embroidered, sewn, and painted, have offered a way for communities to remember and process their shared experiences. From battles to religious movements, myths and legends to tales of resistance: we have often turned to fabric when we have needed to weave together our lives to make one common story.

The three themes

Life in lockdown

No one in our villages has ever experienced anything quite like this. For so many weeks we have been stuck at home. Some squares represent what we have done at home, what new skills we have acquired or just how we have felt during lockdown.

Grateful hearts

Every week we have clapped and cheered our care workers who have been treating this horrible virus. There are so many other people we are grateful to: those who run our village shops, our post office and our butchers and our greengrocers; our postmen and dustmen; our clergy and our councillors; our doctors and our pharmacists; our teachers and our farmers; our community aid volunteers. We thank these people, and express gratitude for our family, friends, or the beautiful world around us.

Hope for the future

We have begun to look ahead, to consider what the world might be like after the pandemic. Some imagine a kinder, greener, safer, fairer world. 

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