Adult Groups

Marriage Preparation Day
The Marriage Preparation Day provides an opportunity for couples to prepare for their marriage. The day includes a set of course material covering a range of topics including:

  • the marriage service
  • the art of communication
  • resolving conflict
  • the power of forgiveness
  • parents and in-laws
  • languages of love.

The day includes a delicious lunch and the opportunity to meet our parish organists. A panel of married couples answers questions in the afternoon. We try to create a relaxed atmosphere and private space for couples to chat together using the course material provided as a springboard. Couples being married in this benefice have valued the time together and the chance to reflect on and develop their marriages.

The Marriage Preparation Day takes place in January. All couples being married in this benefice during the following year are invited to the event. 

Short courses
Occasional short courses are run throughout the year exploring Christianity. We also run a regular Lent course in the weeks leading up to Easter.

Several small groups have been formed in our benefice over the years for Christians to learn, share and grow together in faith, hope and love. Although these groups are independent of the churches, many members of our congregations have found them hugely valuable.